European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity Corps

The Check-IN Association offers to European Youth an unique opportunity to develop an international voluntary project through one of the European Comission Programs, the European Solidarity Corps (ESC). The European Solidarity Corps gives the opportunity to young people (between 18 and 30 years old) to develop a voluntary service in a country different from their resident one, in a term of 2 to 12 months (long duration programmes) and 3 weeks to 2 months (short duration programme). Apart from benefits of volunteering you can acquire new competences, languages as well as discover new cultures.
The Check-IN Association is a sending, receiving and coordinating organization and have members with broad experience in ESC (and the prior programme European Voluntary Service) area that gained experience thanks to accomplishment of their ESC projects and/or by coordination of others’ volunteers projects. You find all information about ESC in European Youth Portal and as well on the blog about ESC (ex-EVS) experience that is written by our current volunteers.

Check-IN can be your Sending EVS organization from Portugal. If you need a portuguese partner, contact us:

If you are interested to become an EVS volunteer in Lisbon, contact us:


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