Face 2.0

Face 2.0

FACE 2.0 is a training course for youth workers about facilitation with young people. This training course proposes methods and exercises to encourage some capacities ("learning to learn", effective communication, problem solving, creativity, conflict management, workshop preparation) that a facilitator needs to have. We strongy believe that right now, youth workers need knowledge, tools, and facilitation methods with young people because of the importance of their role. They are social facilitators addressed to youth inclusion, especially with those ones with fewer opportunities.

- Give to the youth workers practical facilitation tools to use with young people in order to enhance its efficiency and empower them in their personal and professional life, especially those ones with fewer opportunities (NEET, migrants, etc.).

- To improve the quality of working with youngsters and encourage the role of youth workers and NGOs as social facilitators.

- To promote the international cooperations between organizations and to build a trustful long-term cooperation.

- Reconnaissance of the educational value of ENF activities.

- Dissemination of results (diary or booklet) as a contribution to empower the youth workers.


Non-formal education tools, videos, simulation, theatre roleplay, experimental games, education, self-learning. All these methods will guarantee a strong experimental impact on the participants and in the organizations.


Training course – 17th to 25th of April 2018 (travel days included)


24 participants - Every partners will send 2 motivated participants (youth workers or youth leaders between 20 and 45 years old).


Associação Check-IN (Portugal)

International partners:

United Societies of Balkans Astiki Etaireia (Greece); Inspiration by Motion (Latvia); Ayuntamiento de Ribadavia (Spain); Launch Pad Finland Ry (Finland); Asociatia Geyc (Romania); Stowarzyszenie Europe 4 Youth (Poland); MTÜ Maidla Noored (Estonia); The Organization for Poverty Alleviation and Development (Sweden); JOETZ vzw (Belgium); Associazione Agrado (Italy) and A.D.E.L. - Association For Development, education and labour (Slovakia).


All the activities will take place in Beja, Portugal. Beja has a population of 35,854 inhabitants, in the Alentejo region. Beja was an important city in the past. Once home of the Celts, the city will be later named Pax Julia by Julius Caesar in 48 BC, during the peace with the Lusitans. Beja will be the host city and the main stage of this project.



All the participants will be accomodated in the "Pousada da Juventude" (youth hostel), located in Beja city centre, in rooms with 4 or 6 beds. We kindly ask you to respect the other guests and your cooperation to guarantee everyone's comfort. The rooms' distribution is made according to gender. There are shared bathrooms, so keep the place tidy and clean and be respectful with the others.

Pousada de Beja - http://www.pousadasjuventude.pt/pt/pousadas/beja


All the meals will be provided by Associação Check-IN. All the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be served in the hostel. There will be coffee breaks in workshops' rooms.


The budget for participant is:

180€ - Spain | 275€ - Italy, Belgium | 360€ - Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Greece | 530€ - Latvia, Estonia, Finland

The budget cover the entire trip, from home until the venue of the project, in Beja, Portugal, local transportation included. You need to go to Lisbon Airport. There's only one airport in the city, where is easy to find cheap flights and low cost flights like Ryanair and EasyJet. O orçamento serve a viagem completa, de casa até ao local do projeto, em Beja, Portugal, incluindo transportes locais. Deve viajar para o Aeroporto de Lisboa. Só existe um aeroporto nesta cidade, onde é fácil encontrar voos baratos, incluindo low cost como Ryanair e EasyJet.

This project is funded by Erasmus+ Programme. If you will be selected, all relevant expenses (accomodation, trip, visa, etc.) due to participation will be covered by the Portuguese National Agency.


For general information about the project don't hesitate to contact us:

Associação Check-IN


Telephone number: +351.212404136

THIS PROJECT IS SUPPORTED BY: Erasmus+, KA1: Mobility of Individuals, Portuguese National Agency Erasmus+ Youth in Action, reference number: 2017-3-PT02-KA105-004739

More information about the Programme, you can find it here: www.juventude.pt


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