Who we are

Who we are

Check-IN - Cooperation and Development is a non-profit organization founded in 2010, based in Beja, operating with its headquarter in Lisbon.

The main objectives of our action are to promote lifelong learning opportunities, to encourage young people to be active citizens and participants in the local community, to encourage social integration and inclusion, and to enhance education on sustainable development.

Furthermore, we pay special attention to young people who have difficulty to access information due to their geographical location, social and economic status or personal situation. In fact, Check-In has been involved in the creation of local projects in sensitive neighborhoods and urban areas of Lisbon.
Our working methods are deeply rooted in European fundamental values, such as respect for human rights, democracy, gender equality, ecological awareness, intercultural tolerance and solidarity among people. To achieve our goals, we participate and develop a wide range of different activities and projects, at local and international level through the implementation of workshops, seminars, team-building activities, youth exchanges, training courses, information sessions, etc. .

We participate as partners through European mobility programs for short and long-term volunteering projects (accredited as a host, sending and coordinating organization). We are also in charge of logistics for internships carried out by students, training courses for youth workers and adults and exchanges between young people.
During all our projects, we have developed partnerships with different organizations and companies, as well as municipalities, universities and higher education institutions in Europe and all over the world (we have already partners in Brazil, Tanzania, Nepal, Argentina, Mexico and Peru). At national level, we established partnerships, contacts and cooperation agreements with many public and private entities (cultural centres, social and private companies in different activity areas, parish councils, etc.).

The quality of our services lies in the competence and professionalism of our team, made up of a heterogeneous group of dynamic, energetic and motivated people. We share together the common aspiration to develop joint projects that can make a difference according to our values ​​and experiences.

The Check-IN Association is a Multiplier of EURODESK NETWORK and a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation.


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