Internal Regulation of the Cores of Associação Check-IN – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento

Regulation approved on the 11th of September 2010

Associação Check-IN – Cooperação e Desenvolvimento focuses naturally on young people with less privileged access to information and, consequently, access to applications for mobility projects, due mostly to factors such their geographical location, their economic situation or their personal condition. Through a close working network between headquarters and its cores, Check-IN is able to reach out to a larger number of young people in a more effective way.



Article 1
This regulation aims to clarify and accelerate the procedures of the cores of the Association, complementing the provisions of the Statutes.

Article 2
1 - Associates can group together into district and regional cores, coordinated in order to achieve in a more effective way the aims of the Association and the objectives approved by the Association's governing bodies;
2 - The cores can pursue their own objectives, provided they conform to the objectives and purposes of the Association;
3 - The constitution of a core is subject to the approval of the Direction;
4 - The decommissioning of a core is subject to the approval of the Direction.

Core Management

Article 3.


1 - The cores have autonomy of operation.
2 - The cores will adopt the organizational structure which is more suitable to the needs of its operation.
3 - The Direction is responsible of the financial management of the cores;

4 - The cores shall be governed by the Statutes and by this Regulation.
5 - The cores do not have legal personality, but they have judicial capacity, following the general law.
6 - The exercise of active judicial capacity by the cores depends on previous authorization stated by the Direction.
7 - The cores are structures of a democratic nature, always integrating a Core's Assembly and a Core's Coordination.

Article 4.

Core's Assembly

1 - The Core's Assembly is constituted by all the resident associates in its geographic area of ​​intervention and in the full enjoyment of their rights.
2 - The Coordination shall convene the Core's Assembly, on its own initiative or upon request of a fifth of the resident associates in its geographic area.
3 - Ordinary meetings of assemblies of all cores shall be held within an established period of 90 days.
4 - The convocation shall include the name of the associate who will preside over the Board of the Core's Assembly. The name indicated will be suggested by the Core's Coordination or by another associate indicated by the Direction.

Article 5

Core's Coordination

1 - The Core's Coordination is elected per list, in Nuclear Assembly, consisting of a minimum of one associates and a maximum of three associates.
2 - The Core's Coordination is responsible for all the acts practiced in the performance of its activity, except for the acts practiced by expressed request or expressed authorization by the Direction.


Article 6


This Regulation shall enter into force as soon as it is approved, by the majority of those present, at a Management meeting.

Article 7


Any amendment or addition to these Regulations shall be approved by the majority of the Board of Directors.


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